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Mission Statement.

Having been in the electronic and technology fields for over 40 years we are well versed in many fields of modern technology. We have the ability, knowledge, experience and conceptual background to achieve most requirements.

From table top screen installs to complete theatre rooms, electronic computer controlled lift mechanisms. Mechanisms can be designed and made to your particular requirement. Electronics also designed.

Walls can be chased, changed, built, moved, interface leads seamlessly run, multi room systems and theatre surround custom designed and implemented.

A Controller interface such as 'Bitwise' that uses a smart phone or tablet, can be used to control an endless array of devices and equipment, whether you are in the location or anywhere in the world, turn on lights, view live CCTV close curtains, open gates, turn on the music, tv etc , all from the palm of your hand, endless applications and configurations. We can do All the programming in house, and we are 'Bitwise' accredited installers.

The limitations are your imagination...