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Security Project

Entry Front Door Monitor with LED Lighting

In this brief we were commissioned to replace and redesign the entry front door and framework, leading onto a porch area, we decided to put forward the idea of removing the small walls either side of the door and the small windows above them, to rework the wall above the door and replace with a window allowing for natural light to enter the passage. The side panels where hand made in solid mahogany going from floor to door height…. Outcome... A wonderful, lovely look and very secure... Then the wheels again started to whirl in our heads... Hmmm we thought looks wonderful but what more could we do, Hmmm solid door with a window, How could a minor about to open the door see who is at the door in total comfort? Ah ha, we will design and install a system to do just that. So we took out a section on the corner of the wall, set the upper and lower shelves at an aesthetic viewing angle, put a 7 inch colour monitor 'flush' in the space we created, and inset twin led downlights now the visitor at the door can be observed in total confidence. The system integrates into the property's cctv system we designed and can also be viewed on every tv and computer screen in the property.. Did I forget to mention that we also installed a 'biometric' lock, and entry is achieved via fingerprint, code or key... (Visit our security section to see biometric locks)

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