Alarm Systems


We design and fit Wireless Alarm security systems, we specialise in 'Visonic' why this brand I hear you say, well this is because we have used this brand in many installs for a number of years now and have found it to be rock-solid, not only that it is at the forefront of wireless technology but it also has many features other system don't.

For instance PIR sensors that have built in cameras that will report an intruder with video footage direct and immediately to the monitoring station, also to your smart phone if so configured, sensors can be configured to not only warn of intrusion, but can also be made to keep an eye on a patient in bed and report at a given time if that patient has not moved.Visonic PIR

Special outdoor sensors can be implemented to survey a given area and set perimeter, these sensors have been and are used on marine vessels such as yacht's to detect would be pirate attacks. They can be set to monitor specific areas as they Learn what is in that area initially and will ignore a swaying tree for instance as it recognises it as being there before.

The alarm system can also be configured for home automation, and perform many tasks remotely such as turning on lights, closing curtains, opening gates, turning on media devices etc, almost anything.

VisonicVisonic offers an exceptionally wide range of wireless security accessories, providing an answer for virtually any possible home security need. Their indoor and outdoor intrusion detectors offer excellent detection sensitivity while minimizing false alarms; their range of safety sensors for detecting smoke, CO, gas and floods help protect family members as well as contents from harm.


The Visonic range of personal emergency solutions includes a wide range of transmitters and sensors that together protect and safeguard family members at home. Visonic wireless security accessories are proven to deliver excellent reliability and performance.

Battery life can be up to seven years on the latest models.

Contact us as to your requirements, A survey is mostly required.