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Security - Biometric Entry

As technology has moved onwards and upwards, biometrics has come into a field of its own, and now used at most immigration points all over the world, not only are your fingerprints being used as a means of identification but also iris recognition the accuracy of which it has been calculated that the chance of finding two randomly forms identical irises is on an almost astronomical order of 1 in 10*78, Yes 78 zeros.. We can supply and fit iris scanners, but we tend to fit more biometric locks which read any one of your fingers, these can be fitted in locations where access can be restricted to the chosen few, and the key is always at 'hand'. They can be retro fitted to most doors, both commercial and residential, bespoke doors and frames can be constructed if required with multipoint bolt systems. We can also implement a systems where the doors can be opened with a smart phone, Bluetooth, or by IP from anywhere in the world. Please contact us as to your requirements.

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