Plasma Projects

Security - CCTV

We Design and install surveillance systems, but not only do we plan where the cameras go, we can be very passionate about how they look, now if it's a factory or warehouse then in most locations the intimidating look of a camera is paramount. We do that well. But in many other instances, the technology is required but not the look it brings, being in the technology sphere for over 40 years here again is where we think outside the box, we have access to the marketplace and can source the best unit for the job both in performance and physical look. We also design covert surveillance systems we can design and build cameras into almost anything, vehicles, rooms, walls, toys... anything, anywhere even behind a shirt button.. Here are some examples of seamless integration.

cam_remote cam_small cam_small_b cctv a cctv b cctv covert panel d cctv gym cctv gymb cctv ptz cctv tilea cctv tileb cctv wall cam door cam  c door cam gal_a gal_b led cctv wall r2 man_cctv_b ton_a ton_b ton_c ton_d ton_e ton_g