Plasma Projects

Media Fireplace and Fire

We started with a very basic fireplace, on a flat wall, in a large living space with very high ceilings. They were using their screen on top of a unit in the corner of a room as so many people do. First we removed the fireplace, we built a very tall chimney breast which really gave character to a large square front room. Apertures were made so that the screen, equipment and fire could all be completely flush, this was made possible by the depth of the chimney breast we built.

With some existing chimney breasts they may not be quite deep enough to house equipment comfortably. Once again backlighting was installed behind the screen to give a hue between the screen and the frame. Bespoke black frames were designed and fitted around the screen and the channel underneath that housed the sky box and dvd player etc As the client did not want to see any equipment we designed a matching black glass door which still allowed remote use and opened easily for dvd insertion.

We carry out all plastering and woodwork so that every aspect of the 'job' is perfect. Some of the photos are without the frames, so you can see the difference. The photo with Christmas tree included shows frames around the screen and equipment aperture.

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