Plasma Projects

Mirror Screen, Remote Controlled Shelves

Firstly the plasma screen was too high for the size of the room so whilst bringing that down we carried out a bit of a revamp!

The chimney breast was knocked out to create room for a flush plasma fire and a flush mirror tv! We created boxes and ventilation for these items and ran all manner of hidden cabling. The existing glass shelves were taken down and led lighting was channeled into the wall creating a lit glass effect. We chose wallpaper in silver and lime to compliment the silver on the mirror tv and fire and the clients green accessories. There was a lot of repair work but once we had wallpapered and fitted the brushed steel styled trim, it looked stunning.

The mirror tv is particularly good for people who do not want to spoil their decor with black. Even though this client already had a plasma installation, we managed to keep the same functionality but in a much more bespoke way.

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