Plasma Projects

Rework Original Fireplace to media wall Flush Screen.

This client wanted to renovate their living space. They had a brick built chimney breast, originally the main feature of the room, but with so much electronic equipment their only option was a free wall opposite the chimney breast which caused design chaos. This happens in a lot of rooms that are only large enough to incorporate one feature, therefore the ideal solution is to try and incorporate equipment within that feature.

We adapted and reinforced the chimney breast, allowing the screen to be encased within the wall, all equipment was housed into the space usually given to a fire. We incorporated backlighting behind the screen which could be used whether the screen is on or off. This task was finished with acrylic trims, giving a 'factory finish'. Their whole system now looks as though it was seamlessly designed during the building process without a cable or plug in sight! We also made the bespoke radiator covers shown with stainless steel panels inserted. We plastered and reskirted the whole room, ready for decoration.

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