Custom Projects

Having been in the industry and gaining a wealth of experience, knowledge and huge a diverse network, we are perfectly positioned to do almost anything, from the usual run of the mill to the almost impossible, only your imagination and funds stand in the way, when a client has an idea we will evaluate it, looking at the physical and technical requirements, and the feasibility of the project, more often than not we will be able to bring the project to life.

Some of the projects we have created range from construction to specialized system installations, to the diverse..

For instance, to install 3mm Red led's on the peers of a wall 'IN' the actual brickwork to warn off perspective intruders and create a subtle visible security boundary on all the walls, this had to be done in tandem with the construction of the wall as it is not feasible after construction.

To install hundreds of 5mm colour changing led's along and imbedded in a roofline on a property, also along the soffits and side gables similar to the Harrods look, then to make the ones in the roofline and the ones in the soffits have separate control circuits. The soffits come on at dusk, to give the property a nice feature and a warm look at night, the ones in the roofline are switched on at Christmas or maybe for special events party's etc. All this is done by a remote control or with a mobile phone or PC, this can be patched into the home automation system and controlled from anywhere in the world.

To install 3mm Red led in every external door frame 5cm from the floor level ie front door, patio door, garage door, rear door etc, this is again to ward off 'that' intruder and let them be aware that there is a serious security system at work here, this system can also be applied to the windows, nine times out of ten the intruder will go for another not so intimidating property. 'Scare them off, put doubt in there minds'..