Plasma Projects

LED Lighting

As you can see, we can light a lot of things using bespoke leds. All colours and finishes, we have lit stairways, shower trays, tables, alcoves, soffits, and rooflines. The idea behind this is not always decorative; it can also be used in doors and walls as a security deterrent.

There is in instance shown where we were handed a project to create led lighting for a quad lane scalextric track, we designed a aluminium overhead bar and illuminated it with led lighting.

We also took a standard shower base and brought it to life.

The Radiator here has our remote controlled LED lighting system.

The table shown here was also remote controlled and is not fixed to the floor?

The roofline leds were individually embedded into the ridgeline and are operated by remote control at Christmas - a lifetime decoration option!

led jon a led jon b led man stairs a led man stairs b led race a led race b led race c led roofline a led showerbase a led showerbase b led showerbase c

Security Wall LEDS

When doing this installation of embedding secutity led's in a wall we will work closely with the construction of the wall to ensure components go exactly where they were planned, because literaiiy they will be 'set in stone'.

The led are meticulously installed in selected bricks the bricks themselves having to be carefully reworked, at the finish you have a brick that is alive with a visible warning to the would be intruder that property is serious about security and it is advisable to go break-in elsewhere.

led sidewall a led sidewall b led wall b led wall a led soffet a

This was a bit of a boy's toy really, the customer wanted his glass dinner table which was clear glass changed to black, easy I hear you say, well it had to be done in special paint, the client also wanted the table to light up blue, like a spaceship? With a remote control, And the table to still to be able to be moved when required. This was done and the client was over the moon with the result.

led table a led table b

We were asked to design a pair of alcoves in a bathroom wall, the client wanted them to look natural they said that they did not want an alcove that was smooth at the sides and the back as they felt that it looked to manufactured, ie just a box that is normally sunk into the wall. Hmmm.. Ok the wheels were once again in motion; although it was not a hard thing to do we decided to give it some thought… What we created was alcove where the rear face was finished in rough natural brickwork, we also installed discrete white leds that are down lighters within the bottom alcove and a pair that act as uplighters for the top shelf, the uplighter idea is to illuminate glass objects that are placed, on the top alcove bringing that object to life with a subtle glow.

led wall alcove a led wall alcove b led wall alcove c led wall alcove

Following in the vein of always wanting to get away from the 'norm' and stay ahead of the curve… We looked at a radiator on a wall and thought Hmmm... "that is so boring", what can we do to this static lump of metal? Well, we already spray paint and bake to 'any' colour required with various textured finishes, but still we thought 'WHAT else can be created?' Ah ha, it came to us... a remote controlled LED driven back light unit. Here is what can be done, and how it looks it can also have the light dimming, different colours and the ability to change colours, also to pulse in time to music....if required. If you have an idea, run it by us...'If we can't do it.. It can't be done'.

rad light rad light on