Plasma Projects

Mirror & Glass Projects

One of the most versatile and beautiful materials made by man is glass, it can be sculpted into almost any 2D or 3D shape. We design and commission many projects, many have glass products that we have had to design in house, then create, here are some examples of our designs; one in particular I quite like, is a bathroom mirror we created, they named it 'Casper' at the factory for an obvious reason. We also designed a shaped shelf and made a Zebra design print to overlay on it, we can do this by an etching technique if preferred, this makes a more robust finish. There is an example of where we have dressed the top of a dividing wall which was created to section a large room and make a play, entertainment and computing area, the glass follows the twists and turns of the banana shaped wall and was specifically painted black, most colours can be achieved. Also there are examples of the 'remote controlled' lit shelves we design and the 'hanging' shelves we are able to create, which have NO brackets - they are embedded into the wall and each shelf has the required data and power cables specifically run to where needed, the result.. a fantastic clean and literally integrated look. Please contact us for any shape, size design or colour you want made... 'If we can't do it, It can't be Done'

am_zebra_a am_zebra_d amb zebra amb_zebra_b casper_mirror_a casper_mirror_b Casper mirror casper_mirror_c casper_mirror_d clark b clark glass sunny b glass sunny glass_sad_a glass_sad_b glass_sun_a glass_sun_b glass_sun_c glass_sun_d grays shel b grays shelf helenglass a kev_a kev_b kev_c macca shelf a macca shelf b saj shelf n screen saj shelf silver7 sunny shelf units on shelve