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Bitwise Controls

We are a 'Bitwise' accredited installer. And in many instances will design a bespoke graphical interface that is both functional and beautiful, we can design interfaces that include your real life graphics, such as the actual media wall that your system is installed in.

Now don't think that Bitwise is just an Universal remote control, well it can be, but when implemented with passion, it can control your entire living environment, I cannot begin to list the range of use but here are some. Control your entire home media system with at the push of a button, if say you wanted to watch a movie in a cinema mood, the system will close the curtains, dim the lights, select the correct media input, set the sound level turn on the screen, and boil the kettle.

It can be programmed to set heating at specific temperatures, flood control monitor, turn on the alarm system, monitor the cctv system... all on the ipad or smart phone, literally anything that works with electricity can be controlled.

BitWise Controls creates control products and software designed to control residential and commercial integrated systems. With custom user interfaces running on devices like Apple's iPad & iPhone, as well as Android tablets and handsets, the products eliminate the need for dedicated touch-panels that cost thousands and are only capable of a fraction of what today's smart devices can do.

Quality Products, Installed By Professionals. Our products are only sold and installed by authorized BitWise Controls dealers. Custom installation professionals choose BitWise Controls because our products and software are designed, built, and supported by industry veterans with years of experience "in the trenches".

Call us with your requirements.

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